US Director-Level IT Dataset Mid-Market 24,000+ Contacts

$1,000.00 $395.00


#: Minimum of 24,000 unique contacts/emails. This number fluctuates slightly, and you will likely receive more than 24,000 contacts.


500-5000 Employee Size – 13,000+ Contacts

50-500 Employee Size – 11,000+ Contacts

Fields Included: Company Name, First/Last Name, Title/Position, Email Address (100% of contacts), Email Verification, Direct Phone (50%+ of contacts), Mailing Address (50%+ of contacts), LinkedIn Profile (75%+ of contacts), Domain, Contact Location, Industry, Employees,  HQ Address

Format: Unlocked Excel XLS

Note: The dataset is comprised of business contacts only with corporate/work emails only. No personal emails are included.

Delivery: Each dataset is scrubbed and updated prior to fulfilling your order. Please allow up to 48 hours for email delivery of the final dataset!

Guarantee: We guarantee a minimum of 97% deliverability for up to 30 days from fulfillment. If deliverability is proven to fall below 97%, we will refund you on a per lead basis in accordance with you paid price.